The aqua tracker

Cleaning your bottle

Cleaner bottle, cleaner mind...

We recommend a hot soapy wash before your very first use.

Then, at the end of every day.

Please AVOID the use of dishwashers and/or abrasive pads!

Be sure to clean the whole bottle as well as the lid and straw.

Hand dry or drip dry with the lid removed.


Some Key Benefits of the Aqua Tracker:

Track & monitor your daily water intake with ease.

Re-usable, environmentally friendly.

A unique, 12 hour interactive tracking guide.

100% BPA free. High quality Tritan plastic.

A product which benefits your overall health.


The information provided within this website is for recommendation only. None of the information provided should be used as medical advice of any kind.

Consumption guides are generic and more or less water may be consumed to meet individual requirements.

Failure to meet daily requirements may lead to negative health effects including dehydration. 


Should you have any concerns or questions regarding your current or intended levels of water consumption, consult your GP or medical professional.


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