A Little More About Us.

Our Mission...

At AquaTracker we are passionate about what we personally value as 2 of the most important things in life;

Our Health.

Our Environment.

We believe that we can help to have a direct positive impact on both of these fundamentals with our product.


The importance of hydration is often overlooked.

Given that the majority of our body is made of an ingredient that is so easily accessible to us in the U.K(water), our goal is to change that mindset and to get more people drinking more water.

Our mission is to make it easy for you to stay hydrated as part of your day to day routine which will in turn result in a happier, healthier and more prosperous life.


Along with the huge health benefits we offer, we also have a burning passion to leave our own little dent in the world.

And for all the right reasons.

We understand the devastating effect plastic wastage is having on the environment. From general litter, to our oceans being flooded with rubbish, to wildlife dying, all because of our inability to care about reusing and recycling.

We also want to change that mindset too.

We can all start by ditching single-use bottles and investing into a reusable one!